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Family Office Support

Family Office Support


In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world, lifestyle administration and concierge services are the pillar of any family office. With Sparrow Risk Group (SRG),  locating and sourcing vetted service providers to work inside the home and in its peripheries. With our backgrounds managing diverse teams and support elements, the experts at SRG are uniquely suited to create the winning team for your life interests.

Estate Security

Protective Security Operations

Cybersecurity solutions for the home and office

Strategic Analysis and Due Diligence to support personal and business interests

Government and emergency services liaison services

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Working with the community, delivering solutions to protect what matters most

At sparrow risk group, we believe the safety and protection of our community is part of a combined effort between private and Public entities. We are proud to introduce the first holistic safety and security program focused on enhancing the security posture of our nations schools.

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The industry's first home risk assessment and security improvement program

Sparrow risk group introduces our proprietary residential security assessment program, sparrow safe  home. Trusted by celebrities, politicians, and business executives at home and abroad. Leveraging unique experience as covert entry and red team operation specialists, our program is second to  none. Protecting against even the most skilled and organized threat actors, you can rest assured  that you and your loved ones are safe and secure.


The chief risk officer of your life: a blending of expertise and utility

Your sro provides expert level assessments of your risk posture for all aspects of your personal and professional life, domestically and abroad. From your physical to cyber profile, the sro plans your risk mitigation strategy customized to your personal preferences. Each sro is supported by srg’s experts in the fields of logistics, intelligence, and information technology. With subject matter experts and cutting-edge technology within reach, the sro acts as your personal project manager and chief advisor for all risk mitigation measures.

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