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Family office risk management and community safety services support firm

Sparrow Risk Group
Family Office Support
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Cybersecurity & Managed IT
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Sparrow Risk Group

Capabilities Overview

Safety And Security Is Often Looked At Through A Rigid Lens By Companies In The Industry. While Usually Effective, This Leads To Unnecessary Impact On The Clients Day-to-day Activities. Additionally, Security Teams Routinely Find Themselves Needing To Branch Out Into Other Duties While Working With The Family.

The Sparrow Collective Portal

  • Service Requests

  • Workflow Tracking

  • Direct Messaging/Chat

  • Schedule Meetings

  • Video Conferencing

  • Document/File Sharing

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A simple to use application so that clients and offices can request services, track work flows, and so much more. 

An App To Simplify Your Life

Sparrow Risk Group

About Us

Sparrow Risk Group’s network of highly skilled and committed professionals draws on experience from the Intelligence Community, Joint Special Operations units, and special response law enforcement units. Our strategic, solutions-driven operations extend worldwide to assist our clients in managing their lives and businesses in a way that minimizes the impact on their day-to-day lives.

Sparrow Risk Group
A brief overview...

Sparrow Risk Group

Family Office Support

A Message

Ryan Quirk 


We know, the term “security protocol” causes a reaction
that you just can’t control – an eye roll. Too often security
plans are crafted in a one-size fits all approach with home
security, personal details, and workplace practices driven by a checklist that every company seems to offer.

Sparrow Risk Group views security and support to home offices differently. You and your loved ones are the center of our plan to bring safety, solutions, and yes, security, to the places that you are and want to be. There are only so many hours in the day, spend time with the people important to you and let us handle the rest. We will create security plans and logistical solutions that meet your specific needs and in a manner that is professional, reliable and just easy to deal with.

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